Protecting drawing file
Keep others from modifying/copying your designs

Supports AutoCAD 2014 Now!

Why users need this DWG secure software:

  1. Keep others from copying and using part of your drawing
  2. Protect the copyright of the design, especial useful for contractors
  3. Collaboration needs, there is no more concerns of the reviewed drawings has been changed unexpected, while the mark up is still clear and easy to be enclosed.

Now you can protect your works with this DWGLock software, the entities in the send out drawings can NOT be copied nor changed. However, recipients can open up the drawing, add lines and markups. Only the drawing owner allows extracting the drawing, if they need to, enclosing the added part with the native drawing. This is ideal solution for the collaboration needs and contractors.

It is a stand-alone application, no AutoCAD required; Supports AutoCAD R2.9 thru 2014 drawings.


  1. Powerful encryption, secure the entities in the drawing, they can not copy nor change it
  2. Recipients can open up protected drawing, and add lines etc to the drawing file.
  3. To drawing owners, please be sure to keep a copy of your design, the encrypted drawing can NOT be unlocked.
  4. Batch encrypt many files or folders in one go.


Dowload the sampe file office1.dwg, and try to modify the drawing in AutoCAD to see how DWGLock protect your design.

Alternative Solution

DWGLock help you protect your native DWG files, an alternative solution is AutoDWG PDF Conveter which help you convert dwg to encrypted, view only, non-printable pdf file, click here to learn more about AutoCAD PDF Converter.

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