Active DWG DXF Converter ActiveX Control

An ActiveX Control let you convert DXF to DWG and vice versa. The control includes all features of the Active DWG DXF Converter.


  1. Convert DWG to DXF;
  2. Convert DXF to DWG;
  3. AutoCAD File version conversion, low to high and high to low.
Version Support:

From AutoCAD R9 files to current version AutoCAD 2013 files;

Support Languages:

Visual C++, VB, Delphi, FoxPro, VBScript,JavaScript and etc.

Sample code (in VB) set obj = CreateObject("ActiveConverter.ADConverter") obj.Type = 2 'DXF to DWG obj.Version = 0 'Current Version obj.InputFileName = "c:\My Drawings\001.DXF" obj.OutputFileName = "c:\My Drawings\001.DWG" obj.Convert


The DWG DXF Converter ActiveX Control is licensed as a DEVELOPER LICENSE and DISTRIBUTION LICENSE

A Developer License permits one (1) developer to create one Derived Work using the Product. It does not include the right for access by concurrent users.

A derived work is a program that is designed for and is used by a single user.

Distribution License permits you to distribute the Derived Work to multiple users. Please contact us for more information.

At any type of license, your Derived Works should not compete with AutoDWG product directly.


Product Name License Type Price Purchase
DWG DXF Converter ActiveX Control 1 Developer License $990 Buy Now
Distribution License contact us