FlashDWG--DWG to Flash Converter

Flash your AutoCAD DWG files. FlashDWG is a dwg to flash converter, it is the best way to share and publish AutoCAD DWG files on the web. FlashDWG is also a flash map authoring tool.

Converting dwg to flash(AutoCAD to Flash, dwg to swf) is the best way to share and publish AutoCAD DWG files, better than PDF, better than DWF.no need of additional viewer or plug-in to view flash. FlashDWG is a vector to vector converter, so you can zoom in, zoom out the drawing to see the details of  the drawing.


The following are some sample files created by FlashDWG.

Tip: click the thumb image or link to view swf file, then right click your mouse, click zoom in or zoom out in the context menu to zoom in/out of the drawing.

Why FlashDWG?

There are several ways to share and publish dwg files:

  1. Converting dwg to image, such as jpg, tif, gif, png, bmp and etc. Disadvantage:can't resize the image.
  2. Converting dwg to pdf. pdf is the most commonly used file format to publish dwg files, but you will still need Adobe Reader.
  3. Converting dwg to dwf.dwf is a new file format introduced by Autodesk, but you will still need to download dwf viewer from autodesk.


  1. How can I view .swf file?
    Just drag the swf file into  Internet Explorer (IE).
  2. How can Create Flash Map?
    First Get or Create map in dwg format, then convert dwg to flash. you can create flash map very easily.
Send yourDWG file to info@autodwg.com, let us convert it to flash file , one file limited.